My mom and dad [ 2003-08-20, 12:08 a.m. ]

My left foot is killing me! Ow! Its time for better shoes. Dammit.

That was a fun way to start off my entry. Talking about my feet.

Work was ok just tiring. I can not stand how much the damn phone rings though. Most of our questions lately are "Where are you located?". If we had a recording that would take care of half our phone calls, I swear.I'm going to pester my District Manager, Chris S. about that next time I see her.

I wrote a fan e-mail a day and a half ago to Pamela Robin who wrote the book "Why Girls Are Weird". I loved that book so much and it inspired me to start an online journal myself. Anywho, she wrote me back today. And it wasn't just a standard email either. I had told her that I was putting it on my staff recommendation at work and she told me how much she appreciated that I took the time to do that. Cool! Soo cool. I swear I sound 20 years younger than I am sometimes.

Right now I'm watching "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". I love this show. I got my mom hooked on this show too. She said she watched it last week and laughed so much. My mom is funny. She's kinda laid back especially since she retired last year from JC Penney. My dad is pretty laid back as well. He works part time as a security guard. He's taking my middle sister and I to a Braves game in Atlanta next month. It was his idea. I sometimes think about how old he's getting now and I know I should savor all the time he has. Not that he's at death's door. But his health is more fragile than my mom's. He had prostate cancer two years ago and has had to keep a close eye on his health. Plus he's a smoker.

More later.

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