Maddux [ 2003-08-20, 2:50 a.m. ]

So yes I do think about how life would be without my dad or my mom or both. And I don't like it all. I think it would be alot lonelier. I go over to their place about one day a week or so to wash clothes and to hang out and to mooch dinner. My mom and I sit in the living room chatting and watching "Friends" reruns. My dad is usually outside most of the time watching a Braves game and smoking. He comes in every once in a while to give us updates and to generally interrupt our conversations. Oh well. My parents have a strange set-up. She watches her HGTV shows and Food Network shows while he sits on the back porch smoking and watching sports and financial shows. I guess its better than spending too much time together which can happen with retired people.

My cat, Maddux, lives with them. I didn't take him with me for a few reasons. I got him when I turned 30. He was a present from my sisters,Mandy and Christy. He was already a year old. He's an orange tabby and cuter than anything you've ever seen. He's so attached to my parents and they to him. I think they would have been so sad to not have him around. He was their cat as much as mine really. So I didn't take him with me when I moved out last year. I don't have central air and he's a big kitty and has thick fur. Plus he loves my parents' screened in back porch. And he's a people kitty and I live alone. Finally, it was just nice to not have anyone rely on me to be home at a certain time. No thoughts of "I need to be home to feed my cat". Selfish I know but I I know it worked out for the best. I love seeing him and sometimes miss him but he's where he should be.

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