Spiders,money,cd compilation [ 2003-08-21, 11:12 p.m. ]

Yea! Huzzah! I got my final drafts done of those yearly reviews. Thank God! I stayed an extra 3 hours at work just to plow through them.

Went to the grocery store after. After I put them away, I got out the big jug 'o bug spray and sprayed all around the outside and inside of the apartment. I keep having spiders form webs on the front and back porch. Ugh.

I was going to fix dinner after that but ended up falling asleep for an hour. Last nite I only got about 4 hours of sleep. Lately, it seems like every time I go to sleep before midnight I wake up around 4am. And then can't get back to sleep. Its very irritating.

My heel on my left foot is still sore but Missy told me some stretches to do to help so that is helping somewhat.

When I was off yesterday I went over to her house to help her get rid/sort through all this junk mail that she'd accumulated. She really needs a shredder. Her friend, Norma, was there and was helping shred up the personal info that comes on all junk mail.

I found out today that I'm $93 overdrawn in my checking acct. I tried yesterday to go to one of those advance payday places but I needed a more current paystub. I have direct deposit so I don't always pick up my stubs (plus I get paid every two weeks). At first I was really pissed and cried a little. I wanted to help Missy out yesterday afternoon so I just said screw it. I get paid tomorrow. Fucking sucks to be overdrawn that much. It was stupid of me to over-estimate. I'm so stupid sometimes.

Anyway, I watched some of "I love the '70's" on VH-1 tonite. Some of the snark is funny but the Michael Ian Black guy needs to have his ass kicked.

I want to make Missy a compilation cd for her birthday which was really yesterday. She's getting a few people together to go out tomorrow nite and I could give it to her then. I work 11-730 tomorrow and then have to open the store on Saturday so I can't stay out late which blows.

Anyway, the cd compilation. I need to start making that in a minute.

All for now.

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