My Left Foot (no,not the movie) [ 2003-08-24, 6:28 p.m. ]

Howdy. Been kinda busy these past few days. I found out that I have plantar fasciitis which is very bad heel pain. All I can really do is get some better shoes, do some stretching, and take ibuprofen. If that doesn't help after six weeks I'll go to the doctor. Yesterday the pain was getting to me so badly, that I broke down in the office. I got Jonathan (a dept. manager) to switch shifts with me today so I wouldn't have to close. That helped alot. Plus it would help if I lost weight. Ugh.

Anyway, Friday nite I got off work at 7:15 and went over to Missy's where she was having a small get-together. Brought a couple of beers. Man, those tasted good. I hardly ever drink so two beers is alot for me.

There were about 7 people in all there which was a good number. We ate and listened to music and talked. Then we were trying to think of a game to play so I suggested Celebrity. I used to play it back in my college theatre days. Its kinda like charades but you can talk more. Its alot of fun and I think they liked it too.

So Saturday I worked till 3:30, went to Missy's to help her sort through all these NY Times she had accumulated. I was there for a couple hours and then went to my parents to wash clothes and eat dinner. After that I came home and fell asleep before 9:30. I was just so exhausted. I ended up getting a really good nights sleep which was so nice. That's why I felt better today. That and I was in the office quite a bit on the phone with computer support because our server was acting up.

So after work I got some groceries (yes,again) and talked to my sister,Mandy on the phone. We're going clothes shopping for her Tuesday nite. That's her birthday and my mom is giving her some money to buy some new clothes.

I'm watching an episode of "Melrose Place" right now. Gotta love this show. Its got everything...bitchiness,bribery,bad acting..

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