Missy's move, A phone call to Tanya [ 2003-09-02, 9:59 p.m. ]

Today I helped Missy move. I had to get up at about 7:15am. That's just wrong.

Luckily a friend of hers,Joe,could help load and unload the van. If he hadn't been there I know there is no way we would've gotten done on time. We were sweating up a storm. Humidity was awful. Everytime I help someone move (which is not often really) I get flashbacks to all the moves my family has made. Or really my parents and I. It just seems to go on and on.

After we got the van back to the place, Missy asked if I could help her some more or was I done for the day. I said I was done for the day. Normally, I could be guilted in to helping more. But part of my vacation is for just chilling. The last couple weeks at work exhausted me so this my down time.

I came home and tried to get online. Apparantly msn is having problems which is my homepage because of my hotmail. I finally figured out how to get on without starting IE. Just clicked onto favorites from the startup menu. Ok..I figured that after I went into yahoo messenger and used their search mode. Later on I figured it out. I'm not a computer whiz, people.

After fiddling with the computer, I laid down for a while. Then headed over to my parents' to wash clothes and eat dinner. While I was there I ordered the Braves tickets for Daddy for me, Mandy and Daddy. We're going to the Sept.23rd game in Atlanta vs. Montreal Expos. Got really good seats behind the visitors dugout.

On my way home I decided to finally call Tanya about the Radiohead concert. She was excited and said she'd take that day and the next day as personal days. I told her we could just drive down there, eat dinner, and then drive back home after the concert. I've already asked for all those days off. It was so nice to talk to her again. She has moved back to her old apartment. Also, she and Andrew broke up. I wasn't too surprised given all that time apart.

I told her that Kathy and Robert are coming to visit me on Saturday and Sunday. I said I'd call her when they got into town about lunchtime and maybe she'd come to dinner with us.

The next couple days I'm just chillin', yo. Friday I'll devote to really cleaning up the place. Need to whip the living room into shape. Tidy up the guest room (they're bringing an air mattress to sleep on). And really scrub down the bathroom and sweep and mop the floors.

Oh oh..I got the new Twilight Singers ep today. I'm gonna pop it in for a listen in a bit.

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