Kathy and Robert [ 2003-09-07, 3:30 a.m. ]

Well, I was really trying to get to sleep but as usual cannot. So here I am.

Just to update, yes I got the apartment cleaned up in time for Kathy and Robert's arrival. They came in at about 1:30pm. It was so good to see Kathy. I think its been at least a year and a half since we had seen each other. It was good to see Robert too. Kath is like a sis to me and Robert is like a brother-in-law to me. I'm so glad she married someone who is so easy to get along with. He's perfect for her.

I gave them a little tour around parts of Charlotte. Robert had never been here so he wanted to see downtown (or as the snooty people around here like to say..uptown..whatever..). So I drove around there a little bit and then took them around the Elizabeth and Dilworth neighborhoods. Those are historical neighborhoods,btw. Like the one I live in.

After that we parked in the parking lot that has VisArt Video (the best video store ever) and went to the Starbucks near that. Drank down some much needed coffee. Hadn't had Starbucks in over a week. Oh the horror. No, really. We sat and conversated for a while. A guy came up and said to me, "I was sitting where you are now and I think I left my phone on that chair." I went to hastily get up and then a barrista came up and handed the guy his phone. He apologized and said it was funny that the person who was sitting in the chair before him had come back to get their phone too. I said I would keep up the trend and leave mine. Hee.

Afterwards, we wandered down to the New Agey/alt. medicine bookstore, Central Sun Storehouse. I bought some incense cones and some green tea. I'm resolving to drink at least one cup of green tea a day. I need something healthy in my life. Got into a conversation with the women who work there. I told them I always recommend their store whenever we don't have something at B&N. They seemed to appreciate that. I do what I can to keep small businesses going while I work for a big corporation.

We went to VisArt then. I had told them earlier how much I had enjoyed watching "On Any Sunday", one of the coolest sports documentaries ever, and they wanted to watch it. So we picked that up and also "Waiting for Guffman" which I had never seen somehow. Being about community theatre you would think I would have seen it already. It was funny as hell. Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy..oh my God.

So here I sit. Getting close to 4am. My last nite before I have to think about getting up early for work. I'm so glad next year I start getting 4 weeks of vacation. I swear I'm gonna take one every 2 months. I can't take it during Nov or Dec so I'll do it this way..one week in Jan, one week in April, one week in June, and one week in Sept. That still doesn't seem like enough. Why couldn't I be born independently wealthy?

Oh that reminds me. We went to eat at the Bayou Kitchen and R&K paid for my dinner (they also paid for my coffee drink at Starbucks). Its so nice when people do that but I always wonder..what is it about me that people (couples like Christy and Kevin too) like to pick up the tab for me? Am I manipulating them somehow? God, I hope not. I really shouldn't look a gifthorse in the mouth I know. I'm not complaining but I really wish I was able to reciprocate. Right now as it is I can't. But one of these days.

In closing, thanks to everyone who's clicked onto my banner ad. Keep coming back and I promise to continue having something worth reading. Ok, I don't promise but I'll try.

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