Work and tv [ 2003-09-09, 5:45 p.m. ]

So did you miss me? Hey, that's not nice.

Yesterday was the first day back from vacation. Ugh. I was the only closing manager so by the end of the nite I was dragging. Didn't get out till 11pm. And I had to be at work this morning at 8am because we're having the two-day visit with our district manager, Chris. So we had that today and it was pretty good actually. We went through electronic shopping (which is how we order in alot of stock that's selling well at our store), walked a couple of departments, and went through workload planning which is how we decide on scheduling.

Nobody really likes these kind of meetings but for me it was good. Mainly because I didn't have to stand all that much on my bum foot. Our DM is pretty good even though she thinks I don't smile enough which is what she told Tammy (my manager) a few months ago. Hey, you try smiling alot when you have TMJ!

Anyways, so I'm just finishing watching a repeat of Buffy on FX. Its the "Hush" episode where everyone's voices are taken away while these creepy guys take people's hearts. Its rather scary. After this is a repeat of "Melrose Place" on Style. Which can be even scarier when Billy or Allison are on-screen.

Tonite's viewing..The O.C. and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Yea!

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