My Heart Leaps Up [ 2003-09-12, 1:46 a.m. ]

Well, hello there. How you doin'?

But enough about you..more about me. So, the other night I was all set to watch some good tv..but then I started getting so damn tired. Set my VCR and fell asleep at about 8:30pm and woke up at 3:30am. And of course, couldn't get back to sleep again. Sooo..I eventually went into the living room and watched on the VCR, "The O.C.". Adam Brody..good Lord what a cutie. And Ben, who plays Ryan, aiyah aiyah aiyah.

Went into work at 8am and did the second part of the store visit with Chris, the district manager. It only lasted till about 2, so then I was on the floor training our new dept. manager, Amy, on putting out new releases. By 4:30pm, when I could leave, my feet were killing me. Dude, I gotta get better shoes. For one thing, I'm tired of my feet hurting me and for're tired of hearing about it. It doesn't really make for great copy.

Anyway, went over to my parents' for the washing of clothes and to eat dinner. Got home just before 9pm. I was too lazy to post an entry last nite. So sorry. I fell asleep before 1am and didn't get out of bed until after 12:30pm. Had to close the store, so I got there at 2:30. Later on in the evening, Chris (not the DM but a really really hot guy who is best friends with Bray who used to be our cafe manager, he and Chris are in a band called Papa Chub,look at the pics and he's the hot guy ..sorry Bray but its true) came in to the store. He was picking up a book and stopped in the main aisle to talk with me for a few minutes. He finished his dissertation and just has to finish editing it. He's about 3 or 4 years younger than me. Smart and cute and plays cool guitar. Damn. A few weeks ago I was eating lunch in the cafe and he came up to me and talked for about 10 minutes. After this time, he said he comes in here every week and he thinks he sees me more than he sees Bray. hee hee ....Oh Lordy.

Which brings me to my next point, I really really really need to start losing weight again. I feel so much better when I'm fitting in to cool clothes. I hate buying new ones when I'm this big. I can only imagine what my doctor will say on Monday. "You know you really should lose weight" "Oh really? I should lose weight? You're a genius!". sigh..

And what did I do when I got off work tonite? Went grocery shopping of course. Well, at least I bought some fruit.

I used to read this teen series from the '40's and 50's called Beany Malone. For a while it was out of print but went back into print a couple years ago. I bought them all. One of the chapter titles for when Beany is infatuated with this guy is "My Heart Leaps Up". Well, that's how I feel when I see Chris, hot guy.

I'll stop kvetching now.

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