RIP Johnny Cash and John Ritter [ 2003-09-12, 2:39 p.m. ]

I have today off! Yea! Huzzah! I'm the only 37 year old who still says huzzah. I love that word. Come on. Say it out loud. Isn't that cool?

A side note: from Tomato Nation, help Sarah.

I didn't go to sleep til after 6am this morning. So I heard before alot of people that Johnny Cash and John Ritter died. Johnny Cash, the man in black, was such an influence. And such a cool guy too. He's with his wife, June, now so I hope he's happy and free of pain.

I couldn't believe it about John Ritter. He's made me laugh so much through out his career. This just sucks. He was only 54. I happened to watch a few minutes of that newer show of his "8 Simple Rules" and he made me laugh then. I only stopped surfing the channels because I saw him. Such a funny guy who could also do drama well. He will be missed.

Things to do today: Gotta go get some money from one of those advance paycheck places so I can pay my cable bill and my consolidated debt bill. I don't do this advance thing that often, its just necessary this time. Plus, I should tidy up around here. We'll see how that goes. I bought a yoga video/book kit from work last nite (really cheap), so I might watch that and try and do some stretching.

Nothing scintillating today. But I'm going to be bored online until the TWOP forums are back up. Go there and read the funny recaps. I command ye.

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