Work ain't bad [ 2003-09-16, 4:49 p.m. ]

What a difference a day makes. Work-wise, that is. I opened the store this morning with Tammy, my boss. With the new role I'm taking I'm on the floor the whole day checking in with everyone. Not merchandising, not having to shelve frontlist unless there is time. Just talking with the whole staff making sure everything is running smooth and if its not figure out what needs to be done. It was really quite neat. I know when I have to do the schedules and all the daily assignment sheets at once it will be a pain but in the end will be worth it. Ra ra team. I know I sound cheerleady as opposed to how I ranted yesterday. But it was relief to not feel so weighed down by feeling like I have to get everything done.

The stupid clinic I went to yesterday apparantly called me today. I left my cell phone (my only phone, I have no landline) at home today by mistake. The message was something like "You had an appt with Dr.Marjorie Whitehead. Please call if you want to re-schedule". Those people are fucked up. For one, I signed in at the desk and they should check their fucking appt book to see that I had an appt with her. But they didn't I guess cause that's why I ended up with the male doc. I'll call them back later or tomorrow.

Watching a Buffy re-run (well duh of course its a re-run..sob..) right now. Its the one where Oz comes back to Sunnydale when Willow has switched teams. Oz! I'm here for you, baby. God, I love Seth Green. He's my pocket boyfriend. Thanks all who clicked on to my banner. The "Slaying is comfort food" is a paraphrase from Buffy, naturally.

The muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory pills seem to be helping my feet. I was on my feet almost the whole day and I was only a little sore. At least compared to how I was almost crippled before.

That call from the clinic is still bugging me. Stupid people. Next time I go to a doctor its going to be one of those big places where you actually see the person you made the appt with. Gah.

I know part of it was my fault but still...

Tomorrow I'll probably stay late after I get off and do some work on the supply order and the action plan for getting it on budget by fiscal year end. I know that's reallllly fascinating to all y'alls.

Sunday was the summer finale of "Sex and the City" and I gotta say. Mikail Baryshinkov (spelling..hmmm) is still very hubba hubba. And Steve and Miranda confessing how much they love each other. Awwww. Poor Charlotte having a miscarriage after founding out she was 3 weeks pregnant. But then she gathered her strength and smiled through the tears. Samantha's storyline had potential but was really just lame comic relief. Funny but could have been better. I really liked her new reading glasses though. Cool.

Talk to ya later..don't want to hear it again tonite..I'll talk to ya later..just save it for another night... [/the Tubes]

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