Lick my toes [ 2003-09-23, 2:57 a.m. ]

I need to go to bed. But, as usual, when I actually need to go bed and not miss seeing the summer cliffhanger of The O.C., I won't go to bed right away. Stupid me.

I got a cd compilation in the mail today! Yay for me! I visit a message board where there's a CD Swap every month. This one is even better than the one I got last month. Last month's just didn't grab me. The theme for this one is Love/Hate. Some of the artists on it are: Incubus, Ani DiFranco, Joan Osbourne, Ben Folds Five and Save Ferris. Good stuff. I will definitely reprise this one.

I really like making cd compilations too, not just getting them. I'm going to make one for Angelina (my Seattle whigfan). I'm not sure what I'll put on it. Maybe some Matthew Sweet, Pete Yorn, Joe Henry.. all the usual suspects.

Today at work was a bit bleh. I really wanted to get there at noon so I could work on alot of stuff that Tammy (boss) wants this week. She's at a conference down in Florida but I was supposed to mail her my action plan. I ended up not getting there till about 1:45. I did manage to get the action plan done (at least I think its done. Who knows what she thinks.) and emailed it to her around 3pm. The rest of the afternoon though I was a befuddled. (I like that word) Openly frustrated, which is not good when you're the senior manager on duty. I hate when I do that. Anyway. I was working with our new Dept. Manager, Amy. She's a cool girl. I really like her. Easygoing to a point. Just the right amount of cynicism. She let me get it out of my system. The frustration. I got back from dinner break and decided, well hell I'll get what I can get done on the workload planning while we're quiet tonite. Then I'll stay after everyone leaves later one. Which I did. I stayed till about 11:45. I let them go at 10:30 when the place was all straightened up and all. I get more stuff done without anyone around anyway. So, the workload planning might be done. I think I might have one more part of it left. I'm supposed to fax it to Tammy on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully, she'll approve it and then on to writing a schedule. I work opening shifts Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Which is good since I'll just stay after those days and get stuff done. Its so hard to get anything done while you're supposed to be there on the floor.

I was talking with Diane tonite on the phone about that. We both feel a bit overwhelmed. Me, this week more than last week. She'd been experiencing it right away last week. I don't mind the more hands on approach of knowing what's going on in the store all the time. But the fact that we are supposed to be answering all the head cashier calls when our regular HC isn't there, is too taxing. And just not fair. Maybe Diane and I will gang up on Tammy about that one. Plus, Diane and I don't think the other stores are doing all this so why should we be doing all this crap and get the same pay? It blows. But we'll survive. Thanks,Gloria Gaynor.

Julia and I have been exchanging silly emails these past few days. We put funny things on our subject line that have nothing to do with the content. Always referencing some singer we're hot for. Example: "Pete Yorn is watering my garden..(*Ahem*)". That was hers. One of mine was.."Matthew Sweet is licking my toes".

Time for bed on that thought. Tell ya all about the Braves game trip tomorrow nite. Here's hoping its not rained out!

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