The Braves game [ 2003-09-24, 8:23 p.m. ]

Wow, yesterday was long but worth it. I went over to my parents' house at about 1pm. Mandy, my sis, got there about a half hour later and then we left the house by 2pm. I was driving (my mom's car..I don't trust my own right now for a long trip), so my dad was shotgun and Mandy in the back. The trip there wasn't too bad except for the occasional and ever so annoying tips on which lane to be in and all. I cannot stand being told how to drive. I have no patience for it whatsoever. Even when well-meaning. Its a pet peeve and a fault of mine at the same time. Oh, well.

Driving from the small city of Charlotte to Atlanta is 4 hours. But once you're in Atlanta feels like hours to actually figure out what exit to get off on. And that's another thing I don't handle well. Vague exit signs and whatnot. Ugh. I spazzed for a few minutes which I'm sure was highly enjoyable for my passengers. Now that's something I hate about myself. There was alot of "Where is the fucking sign for the stadium???". They figured it out and I ate crow. So much for not needing driving instructions.

We were able to park just one block away from Turner Field! Cool. It costs $10 but at least my dad didn't have to walk far. His knee bothers him and at 68, he's not in the best of physical shape.

Got in and Mandy took pics of us, of course. She works at a family portrait studio and has always been a camera bug. One of the employees at the gate offered to take a pic of all us together, which was really nice. Just a note here about the employees at Turner Field. They do a great job of being patient and friendly with everyone. My dad was very impressed, which was great since he was paying for all of this for us.

We walked around the concourse and found the food area. Sat and ate over-priced (natch) fare. We were looking at all the costumed characters roaming around. I looked and jumped for some reason at this big baseball headed furry creature. My dad motioned behind my back for the creature to come hug me. So I got a big hug by this thing. It was pretty funny. And who doesn't like being hugged by oddly dressed baseball creatures? There was one person dressed up as Dino who kept doing a little dance to whatever was playing (David Bowie, Elvis Costello).

Our seats for the game were 14 rows above the visitor's dugout. Great view! The weather was great for the game too, which was lucky. The game started off slow but finally the Braves scored 2 runs. Smoltz came in to close the game which was very dramatic. His entrance I mean. So we won the game against the Expos 2-0!! I'm so glad we won. Shame to go all that way for a loss.

My sis took more pics before we left and I might post those when she gets them developed.

We left the stadium at about 10:30pm I think. Mandy drove, thank God. I have a bit of night blindness, plus I don't think I could have taken being directed again. ;-)

We stopped at Waffle House when we got out of Atlanta and drank some coffee and ate some breakfast. Yes, I know we just ate a few hours earlier. Our family is all about the food.

Almost forgot. On the way down, my dad points out to Mandy..."That's where Rob went to class". I blurted out "Where? Prison?". Then all of a sudden realized that my dad didn't know about that. Oops. Luckily, he didn't know what I really meant. Mandy is muttering while laughing "Thanks alot, Judy". I started laughing so hard I was crying. Oh, God. Still cracks me up.

So, I slept in today big time. Still was a bit groggy when I did get up. Ran several errands once I got out of the house. Checked my emails and saw that the Twilight Singers have posted some concert dates. They'll be in Atlanta on Nov.19th, Wednesday. So I have got to get off that day and Thursday. Woohoo! Yippee! Huzzah!

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