A Vibrator Emoticon [ 2003-09-26, 6:06 p.m. ]

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I came home yesterday and finally saw my neighbor for the second time in 3 months! I live in a duplex so you'd think I would see the person on the other side of the wall a little bit more than that. He was about to walk his dog, Dudley, who is a beagle. Cute but yappy at first if he doesn't know you. My neighbor's name is Tom and he seems to be in his early thirties. I don't know though. I don't judge ages that well. We talked about the Braves game and he said I ought to come over for a drink sometime. I suggested we maybe watch one of the playoff games together. Its nice to have a nice neighbor. (How profound)

The last guy who lived next door was Aaron. He lived with his girlfriend, Beth. They were both very nice to me. I remember one night when I'd come home after having a very bad day. I went next door for some reason and they invited me in for a glass of wine. It felt so nice to just chat about music and unwind with them.

One night I was fixing dinner and noticed a bee in the kitchen. I hate bees. Hate meaning I freak out. I called Aaron on the phone and got him to come over and kill it for me. That's what guys are for, ya know. Of course he really owed me for all the times his band practiced next door. Before Aaron moved he finally got some songs recorded and gave me the EP. He's a pretty good songwriter, kinda in the style of Matthew Sweet. Aaron liked looking through my cd collection. He said it was like going to the music store.

Yesterday was a long work day again. I was at work at 7am and came home at about 6:30ish. Today I was luckier. I got there at 6:30am and got home (after mailing a dvd that I sold on eBay) at about 5pm. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get out of work by 5pm but knowing all I need to do..I'm not so sure.

I've been selling a few things lately on eBay lately. Sold an advanced copy of "Quicksilver" for $22 and the dvd of "Three Kings" for $8. Right now I have an advanced copy of a Harry Turtledove book for sale. The bids have gotten up to $15 so far and I have a few days left on it. Yay! Gas money!

Hey, did you know you can make your own emoticons on MSN messenger? Well, I found that out last nite from Angel when I was talking to her. I mentioned that there should be an emoticon for a vibrator. So, I figured out how to make an emoticon for it and laughed so damn hard. I told Brenda at work about that so tonight I have to put her on MSN messenger so she can see it. Hee! Ah, this is what computers were made for. Vibrator emoticons!

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