Communication breakdown [ 2003-09-28, 12:03 a.m. ]

I feel so bad that I offended a friend of mine tonight. We were chatting online and she called me on a couple things. I honestly never meant to hurt her feelings but I had. I apologized and she accepted. But I still feel bad. Plus, I've had 3 hours of sleep so then I got emotional and started quietly crying. I didn't tell her that but its what happens when I feel like I've disappointed someone. Ya know what I mean?

After that conversation, we were trying to just casually talk and then she found out by searching on monster jobs that her position at work was listed. Meaning she was going to be fired very soon. Then I felt even worse for making her feel bad earlier. Wow, how self-involved am I? I tried to be positive minded for her about searching for another job but there's really only so much you can say.

Work today wasn't too bad even with 3 hours of sleep. Got my paperwork done by quitting time. Yippee! That was a first this week. Tomorrow its another work day. I'm working 8 days in a row so I can have next Friday and Saturday off. Then I don't go back till the following Saturday. I cannot wait. But that means I have to get a ton of paperwork (schedules,assignment sheets etc) done by next Friday.

I've had a question or two about whose pic that is at the top of the page. That's moi. I took it in the car a couple years ago. I was trying to use up the last of some film before getting it developed. I think that was the best picture on the whole roll!

Also, another question was where do I live. I don't live in Georgia, although with these trips to Atlanta it might seem like it. I'm in Charlotte,NC which is a 4 hour drive one way.

Ok, must get good sleep tonight so I don't spazz out anymore. Yea,right. That'll help.

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