Fuzzy Slippers [ 2003-09-29, 8:13 p.m. ]

I think the weather has definitely taken a turn towards Autumn. Yippee! My favorite time of year. When I came home today I opened a window in my bedroom and in the spare. It is now rather chilly in here. I had to close them a few minutes ago. Time for fuzzy slippers.

My items on eBay are all bid on! Do your part for my gas money and cell phone bill and buy something from me! My username over there is Judois. See the second entry back for links to them.

My sister Mandy just im'd me. She seems really tired. I can't imagine being in her shoes. She has 3 kids at home and is single. Having to manage everything for that whole group is so stressful I know. I just wish I could help her financially. I've always thought that if I were to win the lottery or whatever, I would pay off all my parents' bills and my sisters' bills. Of course my own but I owe my parents so much money that that would be part of it. Buy Mandy a nice big home and put money aside for a college fund for the kids. Buy my parents a nice big home too where ever they like. I just hate the stress and heartache that debt and making ends meet brings to our lives. I know money doesn't buy happiness but ya know what? It would take that type of unhappiness out of my life at least.

For the next cd swap on my fave message board, I suggested a Halloween/spooky song mix. They agreed to that one. I can't wait to make it now! I also joined a cd swap list on another ez board. The theme for that one is doing a mix in the character of something like a super hero or villian. That should be cool.

I overslept this morning. Every Monday, we have a manager meeting from 7am till just after 8:30am or so. I couldn't get to sleep last nite. Well, that's not exactly true really. I laid down to sleep after 11pm and then woke up after having an erotic dream! So, I really couldn't get to sleep after that! Ended up staying up till after 3:30am. Ugh. I heard my alarm go off at 6am. Shut it off. Shut my eyes for what I thought would be a moment. Next thing I know I'm waking up on my own realizing that its 7am!! I called work to let them know it was my turn to oversleep. I got there 45 minutes later. What a way to start the day,eh? The rest of the day wasn't that bad though. Got a schedule done which is cool. Now I just have to work on another one tomorrow.

I leave you with this thought:

Don't try to live your life in one day, don't go speed your time away

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