Pay it Forward [ 2003-10-05, 6:36 p.m. ]

Hey! Can't believe I haven't written for so long. Too busy or too tired. Take your pick.

I had somebody do something very nice and thoughtful for me. Somebody who doesn't even really know me. I let it be known on the message board I frequent that I was having money troubles (meaning I didn't have any money for much of anything). I told them that I was going to put some things up on eBay. A woman on the board asked me what I was putting up and I posted what they were. Well, I came back from my trip to Charleston,SC this weekend (drove down with my mom to visit my sis down there for a day and a half) and finally got a chance to check email. There was an email from Paypal with a comment added by the buyer of the dvd of "Fight Club".It was the woman from the message board and she told me to keep the money and the dvd. That she just wanted to help me and that I was obviously someone who helped others when they needed it. I sat there and just cried reading that email. I sent her a Hallmark e-card to thank her. I know that movie "Pay it Forward" was hokey but the spirit of it is something to live by. Spreading good karma is a good thing. I'm going to do my best to keep it going.

I'm off of work till next Saturday! Yippee!

Tomorrow I drive down to Atlanta with Tanya to see Radiohead play. While I'm not looking forward to hitting the road so soon after coming back from a trip, it will be fun to hang with Tanya and of course see Radiohead. Here's hoping we don't get lost!

Tuesday will be a trip recovery day and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I want to straighten up around my apartment. Its not bad but it definitely needs neatening. I need Alice from "The Brady Bunch" here. She could give me sage advice and make me pork chops and applesauce. That's only funny if you know TBB.

Later, dude.

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