Radiohead [ 2003-10-07, 8:08 p.m. ]

The concert was fucking fantastic!!! Even better than last time. It doesn't matter that I got rained upon. Who cares? They sounded great and played "Creep" which I know that they haven't played very often in recent years. The crowd went nuts for that one. It was just wonderful. Thom Yorke mentioned his birthday was the next day and some fans yelled out "How old will you be?". He just said he would be old enough now to get cheaper car insurance. Hee!

At first Tanya and I sat down in the wrong section but then moved after Supergrass finished (they were fab too). Sat down next to some college guys and the guy next to me asked where we'd come from. He said he'd come from Nashville which is 3 hours away. Right then the lights went down and he yelled over to us "Well, enjoy the show!". I love camarderie amongst concertgoers. That's just cool.

During Supergrass some snarky person back in the lawn seats yelled out "Play some Skynrd!". The crowd tittered at that one. I was glad Supergrass didn't hear that one. They might have thought the guy to mean it seriously! Like the South doesn't have enough to live down.

The drive back to Charlotte was a bitch and a half. We stopped at a Denny's near Spartanburg and ate and had a bunch of coffee. That helped some but by the time Charlotte came into view my eyes felt like they had sand in them. Ugh. Got to my house at about 5:30am. Finally got to sleep at around 7am.

I was rather sore when I woke up. I was dancing my ass off during the show so my neck is sore from the head bobbing and throwing. Oy.

Now I know when I go to see the Twilight Singers in a month or so that I'll either have to drive on pure adrenaline or bite the bullet and splurge for a motel room. Depending on if I can talk someone into driving down there with me. We'll see what happens.

Time for the first game of the NLCS, Cubs vs. Marlins. Go Cubbies!

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