I'm Still Bored!! [ 2003-10-10, 5:01 p.m. ]

I just made fudge. Care for a piece?

I can't believe how bored I am. This is just ridiculous. Tomorrow I'm going to be so pissed off at myself.

I didn't ask my Mom for all the money for my overdue cable bill. She wrote me a check for the amount I needed which was great of her. I deposited it today. Also yesterday the rep from the NFCC (credit counselor) talked with me about my payments. I let her know how difficult it is sometimes to pay it on time. Due to the fact that the due date is sometimes not on a Friday for the most part. She called and left a message for me today that for this next time it would be ok to pay it the day after. I need to call her on Monday too just to consult with her about my budget. Wow. No wonder I'm bored.

Do you like my new template? I like the blue better than the orange. Its purty.

I really need to work on the two CD swaps I'm supposed to do this month. Maybe during the baseball game tonite.

I really need a maid. I really hate housework. No I really really hate it. I think there's something growing under my kitchen sink.

Well, so much for my boring entry. Sorry.

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