My dad has a weird dream [ 2003-10-12, 9:15 p.m. ]

Pleeaasseee go to my eBay item and bid your ass off! I can't let this item go for just 10 lousy bucks!!

Now that the whining and pleading portion of my journal is over..on with today's entry.

Work today wasn't too bad considering that once again I didn't get enough sleep. But what's new about that? Sunday is a day of paperwork paperwork and oh..more paperwork. But I didn't get too many calls to the front for returns/exchanges so that was good. After 1pm it wasn't too busy since the Panthers game came on then. And yay! We won. Undefeated still!

I actually watched some of SNL last nite with Justin Timberlake hosting. I cannot get "Rock your Body" out of my head! Somebody help me. He was pretty funny doing his Punk'd skit and also playing Jessica Simpson. And then dressing up as an omelette. Need I say more?

I still have not made the dang cds. So I'm shooting for Tuesday to do those. No really. I mean it this time. I'm serious!

I work during the daytime on Halloween (which is Friday this year,btw) and close the next day. Last year I stayed home and had Michael help me pass out candy to the kiddies. It was kind of fun for a while but then got old real fast. So this year I don't want to be at home. Whether I go out for drinks or just go over to a friend's house, I'm not going to stay home so 20 year olds can come dressed up as absolutely nothing and expect candy from me. I'm not gonna do it. No free candy for you!

Speaking of Michael. I know I've mentioned him before. I've known him since 1985 and he's been a close friend since. Now I have to admit that in the past couple years we haven't spent as much time together as I'd like. That's a whole other entry. Anyways, he's gay and lives with a guy. My parents have known he was gay for quite a while now. Which makes this next paragraph very funny.

My dad told me that he had a dream yesterday that I came over to their house with a friend. I had an invitation that I handed to my friend and had my friend read aloud. "You are invited to the wedding of Judith _____ to Michael _______." My dad said he woke up cause he got too tickled by that whole concept. Hehe.

All for now, folks.

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