Bracing myself [ 2003-10-17, 1:28 a.m. ]

I'm finally here. I've been too lazy (read: boring) to write lately. But I've stored up a few things, so here goes.

Dang Yankees. That tears it. I'll be rooting for the Marlins now.

Moving on.

This morning I got up, drove to work, got there and then realized after going into the office, that I was supposed to close today. Bullocks! I ended up giving Cindy and Catharine their yearly reviews. So I got that out of the way.

Went home and watched "Angel" from last nite. It was an ok episode. I only started watching it again because "Buffy" isn't on anymore. I had only watched "Angel" faithfully in the first season. Then they killed off Doyle, my beloved half demon Irishman. Unfortunately, the actor who played him, Glenn Quinn killed himself this past year. That still makes me sad. ..sniffle..

So anyways, after watching "Angel", I finally watched the Conan anniversary special from last month. Don't ask me why it took so long. I have no fucking idea. I laughed my ASS off. Thankfully, my neighbor wasn't home this morning. I still miss Andy being his sidekick. Andy was so great on that show.

Went back to work in the afternoon and did Dave's review. That went much better than I thought. Don't know why I didn't think it would go ok, but..glad it did. Tomorrow I need to do Russell's review. He's our receiver and he reminds me of two people. Remember the troll under the bridge in the fairy tale "The 3 Billy Goats Gruff" (or something like that). Well, Russell reminds me of the troll and the comic book guy in "The Simpsons". But I do have to say that he's not always that bad. I just think his personal life sucks majorly or something so that affects him at work. I need to revise his review before I give it to him. I think his attitude has greatly improved (or at least somewhat) since he spent a week out on the floor as a bookseller a month and a half ago. It opened his eyes to all the shit we have to go through out there.

Speaking of going through shit (figuratively that is). The guy who was supposed to close the cafe, didn't come back from his dinner break. He called and spoke to Elizabeth (who was a mid-shift) and said something about his car. Didn't talk to a manager at all. And I know he knows better than that. So I ended up having to put Candy over there to close the cafe once Elizabeth left. The two people I could call to come close the cafe, declined. One of them is a guy who is always begging for more hours too. That's so fucking typical.

Enough workshit.

I bought Blackberry Belle by the Twilight Singers on Tuesday. But I just started listening to it today. I do that sometimes with cds I'm looking forward to. Like I'm afraid to actually listen. Plus, Greg Dulli always bring the darkness and pain and sexuality. You have to almost brace yourself for it. That's what it is. Right there. Bracing myself.

One last thing. Congratulations to Conan O'Brien and his wife on the birth of their baby girl!!

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