Sting is my roomie [ 2003-10-19, 2:03 a.m. ]

Listening to: The cd I made for someone on a cd swap thread; currently playing "Sin City" as performed by Beck and Emmylou Harris. This is from the tribute cd "Return of the Grievous Angel" (a tribute to Gram Parsons, alt-country before his time and songwriter extraordinaire).

I got such a good sleep last nite. Didn't go to sleep til 4am and ended up getting out of bed just before 3pm. Man, that felt good.

Went over to my parents to mooch dinner and wash clothes. Then we watched Game 1 of the World Series. We're rooting for the Marlins so the game ended well for us. (yay.. Marlins won 3-2).

My parents have a mouse under their kitchen cabinets and its driving my(their) cat, Maddux, nutso. You can hear the mouse scratching around sometimes. That would skeeve me out if I had to live with that. I know I live in an old place but I haven't had the problem as yet. Just the thought..bleh.

I just started reading The Da Vinci Code last nite. It really does grab you in. Its nice to have a book to read. I've gone a few weeks without anything to read. The horror. I've been spending too much time on the computer lately. Things end up not getting done around the house when I do that. As I've stated before, I loathe housework so I use the computer to avoid it. Last nite I dreamed I had a dishwasher. That is sooo sad. I also dreamed I had this guy living with me who was really good looking. Had a swimmers type build and was into yoga. I think I was rooming with Sting from the way that sounds. But sadly we never got to do any tantric sex.

Tomorrow I work 11:30am to 8pm. Blah. I hate working on Sundays much less closing on one. People are such slobs on Sundays. They leave piles and piles of magazines and books everywhere. Motherfuckers.

One month til I go see the Twilight Singers. Which means I am going to do all I can to lose weight before then. I feel and look so fucking bloated. Plus I'm going to get my hair cut and dyed before then too. I have reallly let myself go this past year.

Now playing: same cd mix.. "Vogue" by Madonna. The theme for this cd is "A Star is Born". And man did I have a hard time putting this together. Here's the track listing in case you care.

1.California--Rufus Wainwright

2.Hollywood Bed--The Blasters

3.Roxie--Chicago Soundtrack

4.Erecting a Movie Star--Liz Phair with Shudder to Think

5.I'll be you--the Replacements

6.Sin City--Beck and Emmylou Harris

7.Let me entertain you--Robbie Williams

8.Walking in L.A.--Missing Persons



11.Elegantly wasted--INXS

12.After the Glitter Fades--Stevie Nicks

I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it. But I'm just glad its out of my life! I signed up for two cd swaps for this month and I ain't doing that again. Too much pressure!

All for now, folks.

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