Guess who I met [ 2003-10-26, 1:51 a.m. ]

You will never guess who I met today. Go ahead...guess.

I got off work tonite and on the drive home got to hear the end of Game 6 of the World Series. Yay! The Marlins won! Yay! I even taped the game just in case. So I get to watch it tomorrow, most likely.

Got home and made some food and watched "Down with Love" for real this time. What a cute movie. And Ewan. Oh God.! I could own a copy of this movie and watch it several times. Of course, I've always been a big fan of "Pillow Talk", the old Rock/Doris movie.

At work, I went to the countdown room (where people count tills) and Dustin was singing something under his breath. I asked what he was singing and he said it was a They Might Be Giants song. So we bonded over the fact that I met them (he was envious) and also that we both liked the Dead Milkmen. Also we ruminated on how great alternative music was in the early 90's. When alternative music really was alternative. Those were the days. But I told him about Magnet magazine and how they only have music ads (as opposed to Spin with their fashion layouts) and review a ton of alt-music albums.

I got my cd mix in the mail today. Currently listening to "Don't let the sun catch you crying" by Etta James. The cd mix is titled >Heartbroken. Its got alot of great selections on it.

Ok..who did I meet. I met Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones and Lucky. She was in town for the Novello festival, which is an author festival that the local library has the month of October. I couldn't go see her cause it sold out so quickly.

I was at the front desk and saw these two people in black coming up. I was going to try to step out so I wouldn't get caught up there. The man said "This is my friend and she has a book on your shelf. Is it ok if she signs it?". I asked politely what the name of the book was. She said "The Lovely Bones". I think my mouth fell open. I said something to the effect of "You're Alice Sebold?! Oh my God!". I got her to sign some stock and told her just how much I loved her book. I almost started to cry. She seemed so appreciative of what I said and was just plain nice. This day fucking rocked.

I think I'll have another cookie!

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