Going cross-eyed [ 2003-10-29, 2:41 a.m. ]

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Tomorrow I have the day off. I have no big plans. My dad might be coming by to drop off two end tables that they don't need. The thing is is that when he comes over here (which is rare), he tends to tell me how bad my housekeeping is. He's a typical Virgo, not that I'm a big believer in astrology but he has so many of the Virgo traits. He's fastidious to almost an OCD level. Things have to be "just so". Now my mom is laid back. She keeps a clean house and all but is relaxed about it. As I've said before, I loathe housework usually. Once in a blue moon I'll really clean up the place. But overall I do as little as possible. Hey, I live alone and nobody comes over. I just have to keep it clean enough that mice and other vermin aren't moving in.

Flu update: No more symptoms. So I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I don't feel achy like I did yesterday. No major headache. Oh well.

Last nite I got private messaged at the Afghan Whigs forum. This guy in Statesville (which isn't far from my town) saw that I posted on the forum about having to go to the Twilight Singers show by myself. It looks like we will be sharing the expenses of driving down there (taking my car..probably my mom's really since I don't trust my car anymore on the highway..at least not till I get it looked over). I have no idea what this guy looks like but he asked me if I went to the Cotton Club show in Atlanta back in 2000. I did (with Tanya). I remember talking to this guy after the show when I still was high on Dulli. He was asking me if I was from Charlotte and that I looked familiar. I sorta brushed him off without meaning to. I have no clue when someone is hitting on me. Who knows. Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn't. Tanya couldn't believe I did that. In her opinion, he was hitting on me. So maybe its the same guy. I don't remember what that guy looked like but I remember he was cute and twentysomething.

Tammy and I stayed till about midnight tonite at work. I was working on the horribly painfull to write schedules for December. She was checking in the holiday sign package. I swear I was going to go cross-eyed writing those things. And I'm only up to Thursday of the first week. Egads.

I put another book on ebay.Check it out!

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