Hand me that pillow [ 2003-11-04, 8:29 p.m. ]

I could so easily fall asleep. But if I go to bed too early then I just wake up in the middle of the night and won't go back to sleep. Which is not good since I have to open the store again tomorrow.

Got some stuff done at work today. Finished the rough draft schedules. And set up 4 interviews for seasonal help. Yay!

(Someone please make that dog across the street stop barking! Gah! He's so friggin' loud and will not stop!)

Wow, there is really nothing on tv tonite. I'm bored.

Today I got in the mail my blood test results from my physical last month. Nothing earth shaking. My cholesterol level is actually normal. Who woulda thought? Not me, that's who. It does say that my CBC (what the heck is that?) is abnormal. I'll have to research what that is. My blood sugar is only slightly above normal. And my white blood cell level is slightly above normal. So anyways, I'll probably call this week to set up a follow-up appt.

I emailed Charles back this afternoon when I got home to let him know about a book he was asking after. He replied back about the fact that he has backstage passes for the Twilight Singers show in Newport. I say, who needs stinkin' passes anyway? I meet most people cause I want to and nothing and nobody stops me. Besides I'll be hanging with Lee who is doing the Afghan Whigs-Twilight Singers fan site. So I got that going for me.

Do not adjust your tv set...you've reached the Outer Limits. dundun duhhhh

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