Where did those come from? [ 2003-11-06, 3:01 a.m. ]

I don't have small boobs. They aren't Dolly Parton sized either. But I don't usually like to wear shirts that show too much cleavage especially at work. So when I happen to do that, the whole day I keep looking down at my cleavage. Like "where did those come from?". Its weird.

Last nite as usual I didn't get enough sleep. Work today was busy, lots of needy customers. I did two interviews for seasonal help. Both women were nice if not exactly high in retail experience. Whenever I do these interviews I always think how strange it is that I'm in this position of authority. That someone is nervous about coming to talk to ME. If they only knew how much I hate doing these interviews. Being naturally shy, most of these interviews are similar to a root canal. I have a hard time keeping the interview flowing. Ugh.

Plus I hate knowing that if I decide against somebody that I then have to disappoint them. I'm just not comfortable with that.

So after a busy day, I got home at about 5:30pm and ate dinner. Ended up falling asleep before 9pm. Woke up for a few minutes and saw a bit of The O.C. and fell asleep until 12:45am. Which means not only did I miss most of The O.C. but I slept for almost 4 hours! Good Grief.

Not that I couldn't easily go back to sleep now. I'm just resisting. I have no idea why.

I get to close the store Thursday and Friday and then I'm off the whole weekend! Yay! No getting up so stinkin' early. Not that I love closing but after 3 days of getting up before 6am..I'm ready to sleep in. That's what I'm all about. The sleeping. When I make myself do it that is.

I once again signed up for 2 cd mix swaps. I know I said I wasn't going to sign up for 2 but I did anyway. I'm stupid like that. Both themes are similar. Basically about songs you are thankful for. That should be fun. I can put alot of my favorites on both of them. Now I just need to buy some blank cds.

I'm thinking about when I go to Atlanta for the Twilight Singers, just staying overnite at a hotel. I really don't want to drive right back. The only problem is coming up with the money to do that. I really should win the lottery. Except first I need to drive over the SC line and buy one. That's the only thing holding me back from winning it. Really it is.

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