Found On the Road Dead [ 2003-11-07, 2:45 a.m. ]

My fucking car will not change gears. When I drove in to work today, I smelled an odd smell. So when I left tonight (Brenda and I stayed till almost midnight), I asked her to wait till I started my car before she left. The car started fine but when I tried to put it into reverse it wouldn't budge. Fuck.

Brenda gave me a ride home thankfully. So tomorrow morning I'm going to call my mom and ask her to drive over here and I'll drive her back to her house. Plus I'll have to get a mechanic to go to the store and look at my car. I so don't have the money for this shit. Like I said yesterday, I really need to win the lottery. Please!!!

Chris came into the store today. Hot Chris..yummy. I stopped all casual like and talked to him for several minutes. I know I didn't look my best today but who cares. He's so nice and so cute. He told me he finished his dissertation and is now officially a doctor of humanities. So now I get to call him Dr. Chris. Hee.

I was this close to writing the guy who is going to ride down with me to the Twilight Singers show. I was going to say that my car was having problems and he should find another way of going down there. But then something strange happened. I was watching "Cheers" and it made me nostalgic for those days when I worked at the club. When I was working there, "Cheers" was still on and the gang on that show always reminded me of my own gang at the club. So that got me thinking about seeing shows and I realized that as much of a pain in the ass as it will be to go down there to Atlanta, it will be totally worth it. Plus, even though I'm slightly anxious about going down there with this guy I don't know, I don't want to make the drive alone. Also, I was planning on taking my mom's car anyway so my car problems right now don't really have anything to do with going.

I should go to bed soon since I'll need to get up at around 9am tomorrow to call my mom. Sigh. Blah.

I actually got stuff done at work today. I always say that with amazement. Getting merchandising done is fun. At least to me since I don't have to do it that much anymore. That's why Brenda and I stayed late today so I could complete some projects. She worked on paperwork (she's the cafe manager).

I hope my car can be fixed tomorrow. Cause I have the weekend off and I don't want to have to worry about it.

My bed is calling my name so I think I'll answer its call in a few minutes after I finish surfing a little more. Later, folks.

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