Looking towards next week [ 2003-11-11, 9:56 p.m. ]

That guy emailed me back today. He said it was ok and that he was planning on taking his car and a couple of friends down to Atlanta. He invited me to catch a ride with them if I was comfortable doing that. Meaning, 3 strange guys and me riding four hours down there and back. Cool that he put that in there. So if I do show up down there it won't be weird.

Today I did pretty much nothing. I barely stepped outside. Some of my TMJ headache is still hanging around but it isn't as bad as yesterday. I really would love to get a massage every week. It would be nice to afford something like that. It would totally help how stiff my neck gets. All my tension stays in my neck and shoulders and jaw. Ugh.

Mandy called me today and left a message about going to the Southern Christmas Show with my mom and I. I im'd her tonite and said that was cool. She wanted to go on Monday which is her only day off. She works at a family portrait studio. And in these weeks before Christmas (at least till the first week of December) they work 6 days a week. So we're going after I get off at work at 3:30 on Monday. It'll be fun to go with her and my mom. Always a good time.

I don't have another day off till next Wednesday since I asked for Wednesday and Thursday off because of the Twilight Singers show. I really wish that Tammy would've had my 2nd day off this week closer to the end of the week but whatever. I think by the time the day of the show rolls around I'll be too ragged out to go. I think my decision to go will be last minute.

I need to schedule my hair appt. It needs such tlc right now. No trim, no nothing for about a year and a half.

Also need to make a dr. appt about my blood test results. The slightly high sugar level and white blood cell count kinda show me that I'm either anemic or I'm definitely at risk for diabetes.

And the way I feel after I eat does point to the anemia. In normal circumstances, if I don't eat after 4 hours or so I get kinda jittery and lightheaded. I hate that.

Payday is Friday. Praise the Lord. I'm going to splurge and go pick up the new Ryan Adams and if I'm really good, the new Strokes. Yay!

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