I did something right at work! [ 2003-11-12, 9:07 p.m. ]

I called this afternoon and got a hair appt. for tomorrow after work. Yay! Huzzah! I cannot fucking wait for this mop to be shaped up.

Work today was busy and I was trying to get these daily assignment sheets done for Tammy. They're to help us determine exactly how many hours we need for the busiest days in December. Yada Yada. So I got a bit stressed as I usually do. I wanted to get them done before 2pm and I wasn't certain I was really doing them right. Well, turns out I was. She looked at one of them and said she could just throw the one she had been working on away. That mine looked great! That made it worth it.

So today was supposed to be a short day (backing out time for the manager meeting on Monday). I was supposed to leave at 2:30. But after finishing those fake assignment sheets, I also needed to do the supply order. I ended up leaving just after 4:30. So much for the short day. Ah well. At least I got it done.

I'm watching The West Wing right now. I haven't really watched it in a few weeks and I blame The O.C. for that. I'm taping it right now. I figure if I tape TWW I won't get around to watching it. I really do love this show but my attention span watching tv lately has been like a two year old. Plus, I get sleepy at 9pm which is ridiculous. Apparantly I just need a nap during my day. I'm so old.

So tomorrow after work I go to get my hair cut and then I go to my parents' place to eat dinner and wash clothes. My dad will be at work so my mom and I are going to eat tacos (which he doesn't like). I'm going to dye my hair Friday nite. I'm thinking of something with red highlites.

I'm seriously thinking of emailing that guy back and saying "Yes, I'd love a ride down to Atlanta". I know I've never met him or his two friends. I swear to God this is sounding like a cautionary tale. Geez. What to do what to do.

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