In My Place [ 2003-11-16, 1:44 a.m. ]

Yes, I made my decision. I know all of you out there..okay one of you (Thanks, Dex) care. I decided to take that guy, Chris, up on his offer to take me down to Atlanta for the Twilight Singers show. I emailed him Friday night. I haven't heard back yet so here's hoping he still wants me to go.

Work was work. I so wanted the day to end. It wasn't awful just..boring. Which is bad enough. Brenda was working tonight which was the only bright spot really. Having someone to talk to is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I was telling Brenda that sometimes this "career" seems more like a "job". Not that I really think of it as a career cause that would then mean that I'm doing this the rest of my life. Horrors. I'm 37 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. No, that's not completely true. I've always wanted to have my own band and be the lead singer. I can sing and sing very well, thank you very much. Its just my confidence in being on stage that keeps me from doing it.

I came home tonight from work and had to make brownies to take to the holiday meeting tomorrow night. I haven't ever baked anything in my oven. I've used it for making dinner but never a real cake or homemade brownies/cookies. Just the split apart the cookie squares kind. So I made the brownies and now realize that my oven is one that tends to be a bit hotter than the regular oven. So the sides of the brownies got a bit crispy. I'm going to test one soon just to make sure its not too dry. I'm doing this in the name of science.

So, I work tomorrow 1:30 to 10pm. Like I mentioned the holiday meeting is tomorrow night. Its from 8-10pm (we close at 7pm). The meeting is to prepare everyone for the next month and a half. Speaking of preparing, I have GOT to hire a bunch of people. Tammy wants to use alot of payroll so we'll be adequately staffed. The trouble is finding people who will be qualified and who have open availability. It ain't easy. So tomorrow when I go in I'm going to review a bunch of apps and make alot of calls to set up interviews at the beginning of the week. Wish me luck.

Like I mentioned yesterday I dyed my hair. Its an auburn brown (Feria) but came out more red than brown. Which looks great. Its just..ya know how you really like your hair at home but the next day you have to let everybody else see it. I knew most people would like it but then you have to constantly get the "Oh, your hair looks great!" the whole day. I know that's backwards. I should like the compliments. And I really do actually. Its just that I only like the spotlight when I choose it. Not when its turned on me suddenly. I know that's weird and stupid. But its nothing major. Just a quirk.

My hands are so cold. I should probably turn the heat up. God, I hate the heating bill I know is coming. Stupid gas heat.

I've listened to all of the Ryan Adams cd. Brilliant as usual. Go buy it!!

That's all, folks.

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