I'm in a Dilbert cartoon [ 2003-11-25, 2:29 a.m. ]

Forgive me, dear readers, for not updating these past two days. As my life is kinda boring. But you already knew that.

Yesterday: went to parents' house, washed clothes, watched Panthers lose to Dallas of all people (grrr), ate dinner.

Today: Went to stupid managers meeting this morning. Was told about new policy of managers only taking a half hour not the hour like regular booksellers get for their break. Burns my butt. One..I don't get paid enough for that bullshit. Two..that hour is my only hour of sanity during the work day. Three...we often stay out late after our time to go home that what the fuck is the deal with taking away a half hour from our break? I know this is petty and that other people at other jobs are lucky to get a chance to eat at all. But...well, it just burns my butt. Its stupid and unnecessary and just micro-managing by our district manager. She's the one who sent this directive out to all the store managers so I don't blame Tammy,store manager. Diane, fellow asst. manager, said that when we work together, we'll just take our full hour. That was our pact. Heehee. When Tammy was going around the table asking all of us for comments and questions, I think she saw that I was a bit displeased. She saved me for last. I said "Well, I'll get used to it. But you don't expect me to be happy about it right away, do you?" You know early in the morning I have no room for people's bullshit. Oh wait. Make that all day.

So today I got my cd mix from one of my swap partners. Very cool mix. Its interesting to see what people put on their mixes. She's college age so her tastes run to that alt-rock (Maroon 5, Fuel) but also to indie rock like Death Cab for Cutie. Then there's stuff like Squeeze, Queen and XTC. Cool, eh? It all flows pretty well though.

I've listened to the new Strokes cd. You've got to go buy it!!!!!!!!!!

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