Meltdown [ 2003-11-26, 12:30 a.m. ]

I posted the following on a message board that I frequent.

My fellow asst. manager, Diane, had a meltdown at work today. She's a few years older than me and is such a hard worker with a ton of experience. But today she finally snapped. She was leaving through the back door (fire exit which I disarmed for her) and I followed her out. I asked her to talk to me and she spilled her guts. She (like I am) is totally fed up with this restructuring of positions. Plus these deadlines for things that keep getting slapped at us. Also the fact that our manager seems to think its not unreasonable to expect us to work 80 hours a week if we have to. I felt so bad for her. I hate seeing her upset like that. I don't remember ever seeing her that way. She was sobbing. I told her I knew she didn't like hugs but I was going to give her one anyway. I gave her one of those shoulder hugs. I've known her for about 9 years now. That's a long working relationship. She wasn't just crying about her own deadlines either. She knows I have ones too and she was praising me to our manager. Diane works harder than me, I know this for a fact. We try to watch each other's back. I'm better at the Ops side and she's better at the HR side. I've learned so much from her and she's irreplaceable, IMHO.

I called her on my way tonight and she was fighting off a migraine. She says her relationship with Tammy, our manager, is shot. Which is sad and maybe that'll change but right now I'm doubting it. I think either something at work needs to change or Diane will look for another job and I won't be far off from doing that as well.

I had to cashier from 7-8 tonight cause we were short a bookseller for a while. I so enjoyed it. Weird, I know. I hardly ever get to just help customers and chat with them like that. The majority of the customers I talk to are when I answer the phone. Those lazy people who want me to do all the leg work for them.

I have to open tomorrow. But here I sit watching Queer Eye. Fuck it. I'll get about 4 and a half hours. That'll be enough.

Talk to ya later!

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