Black Friday [ 2003-11-28, 7:47 p.m. ]

Hmm. I'm full. Turkey sandwiches are just plain wonderful, ya know? Besides the getting together of family, the best things about Thanksgiving is leftovers. Especially for the single gal like myself. Any way to have extra food in the house is great.

Mandy came over for Thanksgiving with all four of her kids. God knows I love them. But man, Bob (he's twins with Sarah, they're 12 years old) is such a spazz. He doesn't really act 12. More like he's 8 or 9. I really hope he matures more in the next couple years. Mentally, I mean. Kinda worries me. It worries my other sister, Christy, too. You'd have to meet him to understand what I mean.

Anywho, the afternoon was boisterious but its all cool. I don't get to see Mandy that much lately so I got to talk to her (and Mom) about my work woes.

Speaking of work. Today was Black Friday. At our store it isn't as busy as the mall. But after about 10am it started cranking up. I was able to get alot of paperwork done though. Which rocks the Casbah.

Brenda, cafe manager, told me this morning she wants to quit. Wants to just work through the holidays and that's it. She has been under stress over there and I don't think Tammy is coaching her well. Also, Brenda didn't like seeing how stressed Diane and I have been lately. I told Brenda to think about it for a few days before she does anything. While I couldn't blame her for quitting, I would miss her there. Alot. I think she needs to sit down with Tammy and tell her why she's unhappy. If I was really at that brink that's what I hope I would do. Brenda's husband works for Microsoft so they are kinda ok on money but Brenda's paycheck pays for alot of things like her car payment and credit card bills. I'm gonna talk to her again tomorrow to see how she's doing.

Tonight is a tv wasteland. "Grounded for Life" with cutie Donal Logue is on at 9pm and that's it. Oh wait! "Frosty the Snowman" is on!! Yay!

That's it and that's all.

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