When was that due??!! [ 2003-12-01, 8:41 p.m. ]

Hello, my babies!

Another 11 hour work day. Ah, I really know how to live. More of the re-writing of schedules, making rough drafts of daily assignment sheets and all that jazz. Busy customer day. The weekend didn't pull the numbers we wanted but it is starting to build now I think.

Yesterday I watched the Panthers game at my parents. We lost. It was quite a sad little game.

I bought for my mom off of ebay a world globe that sits on a pedestal. It was about $100 with shipping. My dad has wanted one of those for a while so my mom is giving him this as his "big" present.

Watching the Antiques Roadshow right now. Its the third installment of when they were in Charlotte (my town) summer before last. Alot of valuable items on these shows. I guess that's why they needed 3 shows for us.

I went through all the mail that's been sitting on my coffee table for uh..let's just say several weeks. This is why I don't always pay bills on time. I am not the most organized person when it comes to money especially. In fact, in January I'm going to make an appointment with my counselor at the credit counselling place.

I've once again signed up for two cd mixes swaps. Why, I don't know. Well, I do. I don't like being left out. And I like to force my musical tastes on unsuspecting people.

Michael and I are going to go for coffee tomorrow and then to the Mint Museum. The museum is free on Tues. nights. Till January they are having a showing of classical pieces from artists like Renoir and Monet. That should be very interesting and inspiring. I wish I could paint or draw but looking at those kind of paintings really get me going. I have a Gothic calendar this year and the December gothic painting is of King Arthur and his knights coming back to Camelot looking very weary. The painting is beautiful. The color is drawn out so it almost looks sepia toned. I'd love to have a print of it. If not, I could cut it out from the calendar and try to frame it.

My Mom and I are going shopping on Wednesday (my next day off). Or really, she's going shopping and I'm tagging along. Its all cool though. Now I'm off to pay one of my late bills. Egads.

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