45 Shopping Days Left!! [ 2003-12-08, 11:48 p.m. ]

My life is at a boring stage right now. So I'm going to just talk about random things. (I do NOT do that already!)

Only 45 shopping days till my birthday!

My friend Kathy sent me a file for what was labeled as a retirement spreadsheet. I thought well ok. I will try this. You type in your name, age, company then type in start and hit enter. This message comes up at the bottom of the spreadsheet telling you that [company] doesn't pay you to loaf around at the age of [insert age] It was fucking funny. I laughed out loud and immediately forwarded it to more suckers.

I don't know why I haven't put Christmas music into my cd changer in my car yet. One..I'm lazy. Two..I hear it all day at work. Three...I don't like to overdo Christmas music since I'm surrounded by it so I try to only put it in my car about a week beforehand. Well what do you know. I do know why.

Next week Mandy and I are going with my dad to help him shop for my mom. I'd rather have her there with me than go alone. We can keep him going and he won't get irritable. Men, specifically older men, get really cranky when they shop.

I'm in between books again. I hate that. Tomorrow I shall have to scan the stacks for inspiration.

Well, that's it. My fingertips are cold and so are my toes. Brrr...

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