My cold won't go away!! [ 2003-12-16, 8:59 p.m. ]

My stupid cold is still hanging on. Blah. Sore throat, slight cough, congested. Again, blah.

Today I'm enjoying my last day of cable tv. I bit the bullet and decided to cut back my cable. I'm just going to have cable for my internet and also to get good reception for the local channels. Luckily, I visit my parents enough to watch cable there and they could tape things if I wanted them to. I'll just need to get somebody at work to tape "Sex and the City" when that starts up again.

I was bit downhearted when I realized the cable company wouldn't give me anymore leeway to pay the overdue part. But then I checked my balance and realized that it wasn't as low as I thought. I really need help on balancing my checkbook. Its very pitiful. So I paid the overdue part and now my monthly bill will start to be around $54!! Which means I'm saving around $50 a month. Cool, eh?

I am halfway done with the cd mix I'm making for Amy at work. She's the one I'm the Secret Santa for. I'm giving her a couple cds I've made. And I think a B&N gift card that she can use to buy herself something for lunches.

Waaah.. My throat hurts.

Tomorrow I have to work daytime and also on Thursday. Then I close Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday we'll be open till 9pm instead of 7pm. So that blows.

Can't remember the rest of my schedule. Just that I'm not off till Christmas day. Here's hoping all the joy won't be sucked out of the season for me.

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