Free Cable for Everyone! [ 2003-12-19, 12:59 a.m. ]

I'm not updating everyday just because it feels like same old same old.

My cable is still on! I know the guy I spoke with said the work order would go out on Wednesday but he also said he didn't know if it would be turned off right away. So free cable for me! My bill will be dated from Wednesday so it really is like its free. Yay! This is great since I get to stay up late tonight. I'm closing Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. Sounds like fun,huh? I do get to work 10-6:30pm on Christmas Eve which is great since my sister, Mandy, always has a Christmas Eve buffet small get-together.

I finished the cd mix for Amy so I'm gonna give that to her tomorrow, I think. Now I just need to do the other two mixes that I'm doing on two different message boards. Crap!

So, that Strom Thurmond. What a fucking hypocrite he was. I really wish all this had come out a looong time ago. As much as I love South Carolina (I want to live in Charleston eventually), I doubt he would have been re-elected. He has a black daughter! Oh my God. How scandalous! How did he live with himself while saying awful things about the black race? His segregation bullshit and all. And now I'm riled up. Taking a deep breath now.

For some stupid reason I woke up just after 4am today. I fell asleep at about 9:30 last nite (don't worry, I taped The OC)(Thanks for your concern,btw). Being sick really takes alot of ya plus with how busy it is at work. But waking up that early? What the hell?

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