Look at that view! [ 2003-12-21, 1:37 a.m. ]

Man alive, I'm soooo fucking sore. Last nite was the same way. Its mainly from pacing back and forth but also standing in one place the whole damn night. Being at the cashwrap supervising and also waiting on customers is so exhausting. I could really do with a massage and a whirlpool. God, that would be wonderful. Calgon, take me away! I would actually take a bath (my bathtub is nice and roomy) but that would involve needing to clean it first. Ugh.

Four more days to go. Help me.

Last night I had two weird dreams. The first one I was trying to go on the side yard of a house and I kept coming upon spiderwebs with this scary spiders. (shudder)

The other dream was kinda neat. I drove past Shalom Park a couple days ago so I think that's one of the reasons I dreamed this. Shalom Park being (obviously) the Jewish Center. And also Hannukah started last night also. So my dream was that I went into a Jewish Center, not necessarily Shalom Park but one that looked like it (I've been in a Jewish Center before back when I was about 8 years old and my friend Lynette who happened to be Jewish and took me swimming there). I went to the back of the Center and the view was of mountains and rolling foothills that looked to me like Roanoke which I miss badly sometimes for its beauty.

Charlotte can be pretty in the spring and fall. But mainly I find it boring alot of the time. I have to be around mountains or the ocean. My soul is happiest in those places. I know I want to end up living in Charleston,SC. The place has history and water everywhere. Beautiful preservation. I love it so.

Day four of free cable! And I'll probably still have it tomorrow cause I don't think the cable guys come out and do that kind of thing on Sundays. Yippee!

I watched Wednesday's The O.C. finally. So good. I love that show. How can you not? Its funny, sweet, emotional and has Adam Brody.

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