What was I going to say? [ 2004-01-05, 12:54 a.m. ]

So I know I was going to write about something in particular. And now I can't think of it. Sigh. Well, I'll just recap the last week.

Spent New Year's Eve with Mandy and her kids. Before that though we were at my mom and dad's for my mom's birthday. Had cake and ice cream. She's 66 now. My dad is 68 but acts like he thinks he's sooo much older than that. Its crazy. He's been smoking since he was 16 years old. He's probably 20 lbs overweight which wouldn't be that big of a deal if he took better care of himself otherwise. I really wish he would. I can't stand to see him age. My mom tries to take care of herself and while she could get out more instead of being a hermit(I'm one to talk), she acts more like she's 60 not 66. Which if you are younger than me may not seem like a difference but believe me there is a difference.

So I went to Mandy's and we watched "Finding Nemo" and "Freaky Friday". I hadn't seen either one of those movies. Liked'em alot. I didn't leave her house till 3am.

Had New Year's Day off and I was going to watch some movies. But my attention span shorted out. Oh well. I relaxed which was good.

I've been having more money problems lately. What's new about that? I'm having to pay my rent late..that's what is new. I hate doing that. I spent too much or rather didnt plan well on spending for Christmas. I'm going to start buying presents year round. Makes it less of a money pain at the end of the year.

Oh and speaking of money. Got my state tax form in the mail. Hope I get some back. I should. Ain't like I make any money.

I'm so ready for another job. I can't take it for much longer. I know I have to. Not much choice. Have to finish paying back my 401k loan at the end of the spring. Then, I'm going to put together a professional resume. And really do some major looking around. Until then I have to think about what I want to look for exactly. That's almost as hard as looking for the job.

Its not like I hate my job everyday. That would be pure hell. I'm just not satisfied and I don't feel like my boss gives me much respect. Plus retail at Christmastime can really make you re-think your goals. I'm just not cut for a life time at it. Life is too short to waste it like that.

I made a cd mix for one of my cd swap people. Listened to it and then realized that I had programmed the wrong track. So now I have to re-do the whole thing because of that one song! Bah!

I watched the Panthers/Cowboys playoff game at my parents yesterday. Oh my God. What a great game!!!!! I bought today's paper just so I could read all the articles. I got misty-eyed just reading them. I'm a nut.

Tomorrow I have off. The morning manager meeting is tomorrow of course. After that I need to go to the post office and mail a book I sold on ebay and two cd mixes. But before then I have to finish them. Crap. I better go do that. Its after 1 am now! I was so tired when I got home today (two nights in a row of 3 or 4 hours sleep). I fell asleep at about 5pm and woke up at 9:16pm. Realized I was missing Sex and the City! Turned it on and caught the last half. Thankfully, HBO always repeats it later in the week. Yes, I still have free cable. That does rock so.


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