The hammer falls upon my boss [ 2004-01-06, 10:26 p.m. ]

Another day. Another dollar.

Today was the official "visit with the district manager" day. A follow-up to the one she did unofficially back at the beginning of December. All the stuff about Tammy being intimidating and unapproachable and all that. See the Dec.4th entry for a few more details.

Anyway a the end of the afternoon, Chris S. (the DM) had Tammy go into Chris' office. Halfway through, Chris S. went quickly up to the cafe to get a bottled water. I'm assuming that Tammy was crying since people need water when they cry. Its sad that she would be crying that much but I guess she feels ganged up on and doesn't feel she can talk to anybody. But ya know what? You build your own prisons by being the way she is with people.

There are some people I don't really like at work so I do have a hard time showing them warmth. I try but their personalities are so weird that it never works. But otherwise, I get along with everybody. I'm moody at times but I really do try to not take it out on people. If I'm feeling out of sorts I tell people so they know why I'm not chatty or smiling much. It happens once in a while but not almost everyday. And that's how it seems with Tammy.

So she was so upset that Chris S. had her take tomorrow off. We rearranged the schedule and so I'm opening, as I was going to, but have no mid-manager. Which doesn't suck that much for me since I'll have David T. there who is a head cashier and also Brenda is in the cafe in the morning. But Jonathan will be closing with nobody to cover the head cashier calls to the front. Sucks for him. Glad it ain't me.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more organized. So in that hope I bought an organizer last week. It serves as my wallet also. Very cool. I hope it works. I know it won't happen overnight but I hope to be more organized as the year goes along.


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