Helter Skelter [ 2004-01-18, 6:04 a.m. ]

First things first. Buy my Clay Aiken bobblehead doll/Rolling Stone magazine!. Why is it that everytime I see the tv movie Helter Skelter (the one about the Manson murders), I have to watch at least some of it? I am so old that I remember when this was first on tv. I also remember when Charles Manson was first up for parole and being convinced that if he got out he was going to come kill me. He was like the boogeyman when I was growing up. Now he's a pathetic, insane old man. Of course most boogeyman types aren't completely in their right mind anyway. Hey. That doesn't make me feel better.

I came home from work Saturday afternoon and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I laid down just before 6pm..just to take a quick nap. I didn't wake up till after 3:30am. I really didn't think I was that tired. Granted, I didn't get enough sleep Friday night and we were very busy at work on Saturday. But, geez. I'll probably lay down again in a little while just so I'm not dozing off during the football games today. The Patriots and Colts play at 3pm today and then the Eagles and Panthers play at 6:45pm. I'll be going over to my parents to watch the game just before 3pm. The whole city has been on pins and needles about the Panthers game. I have no idea if we'll make it to the Super Bowl but man...wouldn't that be cool?

Steve Railsback, the guy playing Charles Manson in this movie really didn't do alot of major things afterwards, I think. He's so eerily similar in looks to the real guy that that had to have really put a kibosh on people seeing him as anything else. But the actor is amazing in this movie though. I don't think he got an Emmy but he deserved one if he didn't. I heard that they are doing a re-make of this. At first when I heard that I thought "Why? That is one of the best tv movies ever!". But apparantly they are doing it from Manson's point of view rather than from the district attorney's pov. So maybe it will be worthwhile. I'm spending way too much time talking about this movie.

One more week till my vacation!! Yay! I was telling Diane at work on Saturday that I don't really plan on being at the bookstore next Christmas. She seemed very surprised at this. I got kinda emotional telling her how this past Christmas was just hell for me. Part of it is the working in retail part and the other part is money. I really do plan on getting a resume put together and after my 401k loan is paid back in the Spring, I'm going to start looking around for something with better pay. Who knows what I'll find. But I can't take this job at this pay for much longer. I told her that unless something in my life changes drastically in the next 6 months, I'm definitely going to be gone by next Christmas.

Later, people.

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