My so-called life [ 2004-01-20, 10:48 p.m. ]

My so-called life

Go bid on my Clay Aiken bobblehead and Rolling Stone magazine on eBay. Item number 3379762040. I would put in the link but that doesn't seem to work. As always, I need money! Give me some...please?

I banged the crap outta my hand walking down my hallway a minute ago. I had to go put it under cold then hot water. Right now its aching a bit. Waah!

The Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!!!! This town is still in shock. We cannot believe it. We've got two weeks to let it sink in and then we have to face the scary Patriots. And that was not sarcasm. In the words of my sister, Christy, "They are scary good".

I'm sitting here watching VH1. Its their Bands Reunited show. Romeo Void was the band tonite. I remember them quite well. We used to play "Never say never" all the time at the Pterodactyl Club.

Would anyone like some Snyder's garlic bread pretzel nibblers? These things rock.

Yesterday, I was feeling like crap. I got two hours of sleep Sunday nite cause I was feeling like I wanted to throw up. So I had to open the store with Amy. As the day went along I felt worse and worse. My DM saw me on my break and asked if I was ok. When I said I wasn't, she asked if I could go home. Well, there was no way I could leave Amy with that lousy of coverage. So I waited till Tammy got there and at about 2pm, I paged her. I told her that I had a bad headache and I was going to be leaving. I get "Oh, I'm sorry" or "I hope you feel better". I don't expect to be coddled but I do think even fake sympathy is better than none. Bitch. On my way out, I get this dickhead who I had just done a return for and given him store credit, come up to me and snipe about the price I gave him for the item he brought back. After a minute of bickering with him, I said "Sir, I'm on my way out". I know that wasn't the best way to handle it but I was about to throw something at him. I left and got in my car and burst into tears. Cried most of the way home. Just tired and sick of the whole thing. Went home and slept for three hours.

Today with a solid six hours of sleep thanks to the magic of sleeping pills, was much better. For one, Tammy was off today. Always a good thing. I got some work done despite the bare bones staffing. Stayed extra to finish some paperwork and left at 5pm.

I lead such a full life.

One week till my birthday, people. Remember, I will accept cashiers checks, money orders, cash and Paypal.

Thanks for playing.

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