Fanfuckingtastic [ 2004-02-09, 10:42 p.m. ]

I have the next two days off!!!!! Woohoo! My plans? To go see a couple of movies. And...I got passes to the Consolidated Theatres. The movie theatre down the road from the bookstore borrowed some Cat in the Hat merchandise for the movie. They gave us some passes in return. Cool, eh?

(I am currently munching on garlic&butter Ritz crackers...yummmy)

Yesterday after work I went to my beloved Manifest cds store. Unfortunately, now that they will be closing soon the place is going downhill. Not only did they not have alot of new releases but they were playing the crappiest "music" I've heard. It sounded like what it might sound like to be inside a washing machine. I kid you not.

So after that I went to the Record Exchange which is fastly becoming my beloved Record Exchange. Nice staff, cool environment, not a bad selection. Of course they don't have the square footage of Manifest so they don't have a ton of stuff but I can live with that. I got the new Air cd Talkie Walkie. If you have seen Lost in Translation, then you have heard a song from that cd. They do the song without vocals towards the end when Bill Murray's character is leaving. Beautiful stuff. Some of the rest of the songs do have vocals on the cd. At times they remind me a bit of Saint Etienne. Whom I like alot.

The only thing I have to say about the crammies is that I shed a tear during the Warren Zevon tribute. Keep me in your heart for a while...

I actually fell asleep and missed the first half hour of the show and then at 9pm I watched Sex and the City of course. Then I turned back again. Why I don't know. Coldplay won, which was good. I don't mind Outkast winning really but I was rooting for the White Stripes whose performance was electrifying. Fanfuckingtastic.

Oh, I may be going to see the Strokes when they play here in March with my co-worker, Amy. She likes them and it would be nice to not go to the show by myself. It was kinda weird seeing the White Stripes by myself back in the summer. They were great but its fun to share the experience with someone else.

Must stop eating these Ritz crackers.

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