Adam Brody's Pelvic Bone [ 2004-02-19, 10:12 p.m. ]

My life just keeps getting better. But at least I didn't freak out about it. Strangely, I kinda took things in stride.

My car has been acting weird lately. Hesitating when I accelerate and last night on my home it got worse. So I was supposed to go in at 11am today. I tried to make it okay around the block but it wasn't gonna happen. So I went back home and I called my parents. My dad came over and followed me to this place down the road that Jonathan at work recommended. I left it with them and my dad took me to get my mom's car and I then drove on to work. Got there at noon. The place was pretty quiet today as it was yesterday. So I was able to somehow kep my sanity somewhat.

I called the mechanic later in the day and he said it was the spark plugs and a pcv valve or something to that effect. Cost me about $85 which I guess isn't too bad. It should be ready early afternoon tomorrow.

So after work I went grocery shopping and then got home just before 8pm. Turned on the tv and whatdoyaknow? My cable was out! I called the cable company and they said if it was system wide then they would be out tonight. But if it was just me..then they would be out tomorrow. Geez. Me alone means nothing to the cable company! Waah.

Luckily I have rabbit ears and was able to watch NBC really well. CBS however comes in kinda crappy but I'm watching "Without a Trace" somehow. I finally got around to watching last week's episode last night. Good lord. I was crying so hard at the end of it. It hit home so much. The teasing and bullying that starts in junior high can really fuck you up. Take it from me.

I also watched "The O.C." last night. Gulp. Adam Brody was naked. Well, you couldn't see everything unfortunately. But you could see his pelvic bone and my mouth dropped open. Holy Moses. I'm horny.

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