Up to my knees [ 2004-02-27, 2:37 p.m. ]

When I said Wednesday that we were supposed to get snow on Thursday, I really didn't think it would be more than a couple inches. We got 17 inches and it just started snowing again. Supposed to get another inch or so. Crazy.

You know what my pet peeve, sometimes hate is? When northerners go "Oh this is nothing. You think this is snow?" How about you shut your cakehole? Gah! I have lived in Virginia where we got this kind of snow every year almost. So its not that I don't know what snow is. Its just in Charlotte, we haven't had this kind of snow since 1988. And...Charlotte doesn't have enuff snowplows and most of us don't have snow tires or chains much less snow shovels. I know I don't. So shut up!!!

I'm sorry for any northerner reading this that I just offended but it just annoys the crap out of me.

Thankfully, I was off yesterday. Since there was no way I was going anywhere I did not go to the movie. Which sucks. But I hope to on Sunday.

I was supposed to work a mid-shift today but our district manager closed all the stores in Charlotte. Yay!! Snow day for me! I just wish I had some more milk and bread. Ha. Which is what everybody here goes and buys when we have a winter storm come in. How ironic that I need some now.

I cleared off my car so it wouldn't be frozen over tomorrow. The snow was up to my knees. I had to use my broom to get the snow off of the car.

Those are some big fat snowflakes coming down. Pretty though they do cause trouble. Just like me. Ha.

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