Billy Boyd Spotting [ 2004-03-02, 3:31 a.m. ]

I was at my parents' house tonight watching Antiques Roadshow with them. At one point, a lady was having a painting appraised and the appraiser mentioned something about the painter having been in Minsk. I thought to myself That's where Phoebe's scientist boyfriend David went to do research. But I didn't say it aloud. A beat later my Mom pipes up with "Minsk. That's where Phoebe's scientist boyfriend moved to." Oh, man. I started laughing and told her I had been thinking the same thing myself. I heart my Mom.

I got the coolest thing in the mail today. A friend off of my favorite message board wanted a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay that I told her we had cheap in the bargain section. She sent me money for it (plus postage) AND a cd mix she put together that uses Adam Brody as a muse. Yum-me.

Speaking of yummy. Billy Boyd at the Oscars. Worth the whole 4 hours. I played "Spot Billy Boyd!" the whole night.

Glad LoTR won so much. I did kinda feel that Bill Murray should have won but oh well. Sean Penn is a great actor but I don't feel his performance in Mystic River was any better than Bill's. Of course, Lost in Translation was my favorite movie this year not starring Billy Boyd so I'm a bit bias.

Snow is still melting away. We've had 3 days of 60 degree weather. Very odd. We are a schizo place for weather.

I worked 7am to 7pm today. And I'm still awake. About 22 hours of being awake in fact. Why? Reluctant to go to bed and start another day. Blah. Today wasn't that bad really but I've been this way my whole darned life. Unless there is really something to look forward to the next day, I will put off going to bed/sleep. Read, watch tv, play on the computer, eat, do crossword puzzles...Anything other than sleep. Who wants to get on that bridge called sleep that takes you to your next day of life? Most of the time I don't. I don't mean that in a depressing way really. As much as I like to sleep (once I'm in that zone), I've often wished that I could do completely without it. Maybe that explains the insomnia. No wait. Judith...that does explain the insomnia. Mostly, at least. At times it has been because of depression but not much lately. And now I'm rambling.

Here's what my friend, DQ, put on the cd mix:

Our Chemistry is Undeniable

1)You Are So Beautiful To Me-Joe Cocker

2)A Movie Script Ending-Death Cab for Cutie

3)So Long Sweet Summer-Dashboard Confessional

4)Always On My Mind-Phantom Planet

5)Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley

6)June On The West Coast-Bright Eyes

7)Why Don't You & I-Santana w/Chad Kroeger

8)We're Going To Be Friends-White Stripes

9)Take It Off-The Donnas

10)Underneath Your Clothes-Shakira

11)California-Rufus Wainwright

12)Thing For You-Jann Arden

13)What I Like About You-Lillix

14)Wonderwall-Ryan Adams

15)Your Star Will Shine-Stone Roses


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