I want a new crush [ 2004-03-04, 1:26 a.m. ]

Here I am. Not much going on though. That's why I haven't been writing an entry every single day. My life is boring which isn't a bad thing sometimes.

I watched The O.C. tonight. I think I'm going to have to watch it again I loved it so much.

I got a wonderful TMJ headache at work today. Ugh. I came home and made dinner and took an Excedrin tension headache pill and an Advil. I felt better pretty soon after that, thank God.

As much as I like being a quirkyalone, I do miss having a guy to crush on. I don't even need a relationship. I'd just like a guy around that I can try to impress and flirt with. It does make life more fun.

I'm making a cd mix for the friend who sent me that mix the other day. This is a mix of alternative music that I listened to as a teen and a twentysomething. And since I have nothing else to say, I'll list the tracks.

I Miss You More Than I Need Sleep

1.This is the day-The The

2.Favourite Shirts-Haircut 100

3.What you do to me-Teenage Fanclub

4.Love will tear us apart-Joy Division

5.Fools Gold-Stone Roses

6.You're the One Lee-Miracle Legion

7.My ever changing mood-Style Council

8.Sugar Ray-Jesus & Mary Chain

9.Shine like it does-INXS

10.Sense-Lightning Seeds

11.Alison-Elvis Costello & the Attractions

12.Town Called Malice-the Jam

13.Into your arms-the Lemonheads

14.Perfect Circle-REM

15.Flavor of the Month-the Posies

16.Balloon Man-Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians

17.Everyday is like Sunday-Morrissey

18.Wait Up-Uncle Tupelo


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