Netflix and me sitting in a tree... [ 2004-03-08, 10:15 p.m. ]

My power has gone off twice in less than a week! I was off Thursday and I went over to my parents to mooch dinner and wash a few clothes. I came home at almost 9pm and all the power was off in my neighborhood. Apparantly a transformer had blown. Thankfully it came back on at 10pm so it wasn't too bad.

However...I went over again to my parents after work yesterday (I really get bored cooking my own food) for dinner and of course clothes-washing. Left there and drove home during the weirdest weather I've ever seen. There was no tornado...but really big gusts of wind. Up to 60mph. That was a bitch and a half to drive through and scary as hell. Debris flew everywhere...I saw a really tall pine tree crash down in a parking barrels flying across the street.. But I got home and my power was on. I got in and called my mom and told her what I had just driven through and while I was talking the power went off. That was at 8pm and it didn't come on till after 7 this morning. Note to self: Buy more pillar candles, those tiny fragrant candles burn out too fast. And more batteries! I foresee more power outages during summer storms. They really need to bury our power lines. There was talk of it last year after the ice storm that knocked out power in my neighborhood for a week. I know it costs alot to do it but still.

I joined Netflix!!! I want to marry Netflix!!! I joined late Thursday night and received my first 3 movies on Saturday. It was sooo quick. I've got over 80 movies in my rental queue. Its fun to just sit there and find new movies to watch. I'm Netflix's bitch.

I watched Grind Saturday night. That is the skate-boarding movie with Adam Brody. Not a great movie. Not all together awful but ...they should have just left the camera on Adam. I could watch that movie.

Tonight I watched Underworld, the vampire/werewolf movie. I really liked the style of the movie and the plot kept me going. Not a first rate movie but to me it was like a really good B-movie with A-movie money. And I mean that in a good way.

I mailed Grind back yesterday and I'll be mailing Underworld back tomorrow. I just have Cold Creek Manor left to watch. I mail the movies back to Greensboro,NC which is about an 1 1/2 hours away. So it should only take a day or so to get to them.

I joined for two reasons:

1.The $20 monthly fee more than covers 4 rentals

2.More importantly my favorite video store has been giving me such lousy service lately that I was getting fed up. Ya know, the clerk that has a loud and stupid conversation with her co-worker while she barely acknowledges the person in front of her. And then, the new releases having to be back so quickly, I was incurring late fees sometimes.

That's about it for now. I really need to update more often. Sorry about that.

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