I sing the body electric, I celebrate the me yet to come [ 2004-03-12, 2:38 a.m. ]

I Sing the Body Electric, I Celebrate the Me Yet to Come

tra la la la... I'm off on Friday. Praise Jesus.

I'm eating dry frosted flakes right now. Mmmm. Crunchy.

I got two movies in the mail today! I love Netflix. So tomorrow I can watch a movie if I want to. And since I work during the day on Saturday and don't get in till late on Sunday, I can watch a movie almost any old time this weekend.

I'm going to be staying at work on Sunday night 7pm to 7am. We're having the store re-lamped. Meaning that the lighting company is going to be replacing every single light bulb and dusting the light fixtures. Its to have all the lights one color..ya know how some flourescents are yellow or white. All the lights are going to be white.

It could take another whole night so I'll also be there Monday night. Plus, there is a painting crew coming that night to paint two hallways. Best part about all that? I don't have to wait on customers. No phones. I can get paperwork done, pack returns and I can make drinks in the cafe (shhh..don't be tellin' nobody!) and goof off on the computer since it gets the internet. Woohoo!

I was in the worst mood when I got to work today. I just didn't want to be there. The first couple hours were pretty lousy but I eventually came out of it. Not that I was Mary Sunshine. But I wasn't throwing things around the office like I did when I got there.

I need to check with my Benefits people and see if my 401k loan is almost finished being paid back. I sincerely hope so. Once it is then I can feel like I can actually look for another job. But first I need to go to a career counselor or something like that. Get a resume professionally done. I mainly want something that stimulates my brain, isn't retail (I really am not a people person) and pays at least $30,000 a year. I can't live on what I'm making. Not to buy a new or barely used car and to really pay off my debts plus have a savings acct.

Anyone care to give me a nice chunk of money..say $15,000 to pay off all my debts? Its at least that much. I haven't added it up lately. I suck at finances as if you couldn't tell.

What I really need to do is figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. I mean, besides sing in a band or whatever. Yes, that's my ultimate dream. I'm a damn good singer. I've just never have completely pursued that dream. Too shy. Of course I have sung in a band before. I was drunk and they brought me up for the encore to sing "Paint it Black". I had just learned the first few chords on the guitar at the time. I told the lead guitarist that I really didn't know all the words..he said "that's ok, we don't really know how to play it". I just winged it and gave all my fellow club workers a good laugh. Ah..good times good times. That really was a blast. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

Yep, through my life I've sung in the school choir, the church choir, a chamber choir, a community choir and of course musical theatre when I was a drama major. I really miss singing. I try to do it when I'm in the car or at home (when my neighbor isn't home) but its hard to keep your voice strong without constantly exercising it.

My big plans for tomorrow: clean out the refrigerator, maybe watch a movie and visit my parents for dinner and washing clothes.

Cya laters.

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