Stupid people [ 2004-03-17, 2:58 a.m. ]

I have a rant.

Today at work I get paged to the front (as in manager to the front). An African-American woman is up there and says she has a complaint to make and wants to step away from the front. Fine, whatever. I step over to the side of the store and she sits down on a bench. She goes on to say that she had come into the store on Saturday to do a return and she had brought her books in the bag. She was going to do the return but then her baby needed changing so she grabbed her bag and left. She got home and realized she had the wrong bag. Yea, right. Through this she's coughing and getting choked up. I asked her if she'd like some water. She said she had cancer and shrugged. Alrighty. Then she goes on to say that the girl who'd been at the front, Shannon, had gotten an attitude with her. I apologized saying that I was sorry about that. I asked if maybe her bag of books she'd been meaning to return was there and even looked to see if anything was lying around. Or in lost and found. She said they were kids books and I said "well can you tell me which ones?" She said she could show them to me, she didn't know the names of them. Fine. I was willing to work with her up to this point. Then she pulls out the "race card". As we're walking to the kids section she said that Shannon had said the n-word to her. Buzzers start going off in my head. Warning! I've heard this story before. I told the woman that I sincerely doubted that Shannon would say that but I'm sorry that's what she heard. She proceeded to say that I was calling her a liar and that she wasn't comfortable talking to me. She would take this to corporate. Meaning=give me what I want or I'll keep me making a scene. I gave her a business card and wrote my DM's name and office number plus my name. She said that when this goes to court she expects an apology from me. Right. Sure.

I fucking hate people who use the "race card" to scam. It belittles anyone who has actually sufferred an injustice. Nobody at my store would EVER say that word. Karma is gonna kick that woman's ass.

When I called the other bookstores in town they had heard this scam before. So I'm not worried. Just pissed off.

This work week has kinda sucked anyway. I did the all-nighter thing Sunday night when the lighting company people were there. That was such a long night. I got there at 7am and then ended up staying for the manager's meeting on Monday morning. So I basically worked a 14 hour day. Blah. Then I slept for six hours and went back to work at 10pm Monday night. The lighting company was finishing that night and also a painting crew was there. The paint fumes were making me nausous most of the night. Ugh. I left at 7am this morning.

Got about 6 hours sleep again. Then got to work around 6pm. Stayed about an hour late while carpet cleaners were there. Oy. I'm so over this. I close again tomorrow and open on Thursday. Thank God, I'm going out of town this weekend. I'm going to visit Kathy and Robert again up in Raleigh. We're going to see the Titanic exhibit. My sis has seen it and was very movied. Kathy and Robert actually went after Christmas to see it but are going again with me.

I haven't even had much time to watch my Netflix movies. I did watch Mona Lisa Smile on Saturday night. I liked it. I could own that one. I just wish it had commentary. I have Runaway Jury and The Shipping News left to watch.

That's about it.

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