I kick Insomnia's Ass or at least try [ 2004-03-31, 9:04 p.m. ]

Watching The O.C.!

Today's work day lasted for fucking ever. Especially the morning. Bah. I came up with a great idea. When Amy came in to close the store at 2:30, I asked if she'd like to switch shifts tomorrow. Meaning me close and her open. She said sure, she'd love to since she's off on Friday and that would give her more time off. So that means I can sleep like a normal person for the next couple days since I close on Friday and I'm off on Saturday. Thank God.

I'm going to try a few things to help my insomnia go away. Tidy up my bedroom and try sleeping a different way (I don't have a headboard so I'm going to have my head at the pseudo-foot of the bed). Plus, create a ritual for the hour before going to bed. Washing face, reading a book, drink milk. The usual suggestions. It can't hurt at least.

If all this doesn't help after a while of trying then I will have to see a doctor. But only if I absolutely have to.

How I'm still awake right now I don't know. Good thing I'm taping The O.C. so I don't miss any of Adam Brody in case I nod off. Mmmm. Adam Brody.

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